Sports Day the Girls' Way

Girls are less likely to get involved and stay in sport compared to their male peers. Reasons for dropping out of sport include lack of access and opportunities, and lack of positive female role models. Sports Day The Girls' Way supports girls by giving them the opportunity to try a new sport, gain confidence, make friends, continue with a favourite sport, and access role models in a positive, empowering environment where fun, participation, and social belonging are at the forefront.
sports day the girls' way

one-day occurrence, WITH A LIFE-CHANGING IMpact

The event motivates and inspires students from schools across the region to get active in sports
The participants are introduced to powerful role models and engaged with fun and non-traditional sporting activities
Connect with strong female role models in sports, including coaches, referees, elite athletes and sports experts
Try new sports and physical activities in a non-competitive environment

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For more information, please contact Kim McLean, Senior Manager – Community Impact and Engagement at [email protected]

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