Equity Through Diverse Impact gRANT

The Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group (OSEG) believes that sport has the intrinsic ability to unite people and bring about positive social change in communities. Through creating and fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment, we can create stronger organizations that are more resilient and responsive to the needs of the community.
Equity and Diversity Impact Grant

OSEG Foundation, the charitable arm of the Ottawa REDBLACKS and 67’s, delivers programming and invests in community initiatives that provide opportunities for children and youth to play, learn, and develop through sports.

Through the OSEG Foundation Equity through Diverse Impact (EDI) Grant, funding is dedicated to supporting Ottawa-based organizations that align with our mission of using the power of sport as a catalyst for social change to improve the lives of children and youth facing barriers to sports and recreation programs.

Organizations that are successful in receiving the EDI Grant will use the funding to enhance their youth programs to foster greater inclusion, access, and opportunity to sport and recreation. Eligible organizations must serve underrepresented communities and groups that may face systemic barriers.


The OSEG Foundation EDI Grant assists to remove financial barriers by offering organizations support in enhancing their inclusive practices to ensure all youth have equal opportunity to participate in sport and recreational programming. We seek to support organizations and programs that support and/or are led by different dimensions of social diversity (race, class, gender, sexuality, disability, nationality, religion, language, etc). The OSEG Foundation EDI Grant provides $5,000 to Ottawa-based organizations that are using the power of sport to support marginalized children and youth in the community.
Equity and Diversity Impact Grant


OSEG Foundation reviews applications to ensure the correct organizational information and to ensure applications meet the grant eligibility criteria, as stated below. OSEG Foundation grants funds to applicants that are qualified donees (as defined by the Canada Revenue Agency):
✓ A registered charity
✓ A National amateur athletic association with programming in the Ottawa region within 100km of the National Capital Region
✓ Ottawa based housing corporations
✓ Metis, Inuit or First Nation community/Band or organizations
Eligible programs/initiatives must meet the following requirements:
✓ Include equitable, diverse, and inclusive practices within the organization and program
✓ Implement consistent, intentional programming for participants ages 6 – 24 years old, with initiatives that serve one or more of the following:
o BIPOC youth
o Girls-centred programs
o Low-income communities
o Youth with disabilities
o 2SLGBTQ+ youth
o Indigenous, Metis, or Inuit youth
o Newcomer youth
✓ Proposals that incorporate sport and physical activity to teach and develop life skills and follow the positive youth development framework with intended program outcomes.
✓ Some eligible uses of grant funding can include, but are not limited to:
o Program development and implementation
o Participant registration
o Adaptive equipment
o Translations and/or interpreter services
Organizations that are not eligible to receive the OSEG Foundation EDI Grant are:
✓ Organizations that are not designated by the Canada Revenue Agency as being a Qualified Donee
✓ Organizations based outside 100km of Ottawa Capital Region
✓ Initiatives that do not focus support for marginalized communities, including BIPOC, girls, low-income communities, youth with disabilities, 2SLGBTQ+, Indigenous, Metis or Inuit youth, or newcomer youth
✓ Initiatives that do not focus on positive youth development through sport or recreation, for youth ages of 6 – 24 years old
✓ Organizations looking for funding for capital campaigns
✓ Religious, political organizations, or special interest groups
✓ Organizations using grant for annual operating funds, unless directly linked to EDI focus and success of the proposed project
✓ For-profit organizations
✓ Sports teams (professional and/or amateur sport organizations are not listed as qualified donees as defined by the Canada Revenue Agency, therefore not eligible for funding)
✓ Individuals
✓ Once you confirm your organization is eligible to apply, complete the application form.
✓ Once submitted, a diverse team of individuals will evaluate all applications and will contact the successful organizations with the next steps.
Accommodations are available upon request. If your organization prefers to submit a video application, please email kmclean@oseg.ca for more information.
* This application is closed.

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 2023 EDI Grant recipients

The OSEG Foundation is proud to support organizations furthering equity, diversity, and inclusivity in youth sport and recreation.

* Projects include initiatives to address gender equity, access to sports programming in priority communities, and inclusive experiences for 2SLGBTQ+ youth and youth with disabilities.

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