The Champions Program:
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champions program
In partnership with the Canadian Armed Forced (CAF), the OSEG Foundation supported the establishment of The Champions Program, a multisport program that includes resiliency activities so that participants have opportunities to strengthen both physically and mentally. Programming included resiliency focuses such as: team building, building self-esteem, respect, communication, leadership, and determination. The program was run for youth ages 10-14 with priority registration going to youth from families affected by the military lifestyle. All registered participants identified as being affected by one of three challenges in the last year: parent deployed, a parent who is an ill or injured member, or a posting/move. Youth who participated in the program identified that relocations due to being in a military family were one of their biggest life challenges, which is documented to cause higher rates of mental health illness and social inclusion anxiety than seen in their peers. What they learn in The Champions Program provides a strong foundation that will help prepare them for future life experiences.

Studies have shown that recreation, sport, and physical activity are integral to building resilience in children. Through participation in organized activities children are developing core characteristics that will help them overcome challenges associated with the military lifestyle.

“My dad is in the Air Force, and I spent most of my elementary school years in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. When we moved, I found it really hard to fit in. Everything was so big and busy, and my new high school had hundreds of kids in each grade. I eventually made friends, but it was not easy. There were days I felt invisible.” – Champions Program Participant

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