OSEG Foundation Youth Advisory Council Terms of Reference

The Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group (OSEG) believes that sport has the intrinsic ability to unite people and bring about positive social change in communities. Through creating and fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment, we can create a stronger organization that is more resilient and responsive to the needs of the community. The charitable arm, OSEG Foundation, has a goal to ensure all children and youth in our community have the opportunity to play, learn and develop through sports.

The OSEG Foundation Youth Advisory Council serves to provide a voice and platform to youth in Ottawa who can directly impact the opportunities available for their community. Considering these direct youth voices, the OSEG Foundation YAC will look to develop and implement opportunities that support the needs and inequities that exist in the community.

The OSEG Foundation Youth Advisory Council will provide an opportunity for youth in Ottawa to make recommendations and provide a meaningful and constructive voice to impact the greatest concerns affecting youth’s physical, social, and emotional health and well-being in the City of Ottawa.

The purpose OSEG Foundation Youth Advisory Council will be to:
1. Provide OSEG Foundation, and the greater OSEG organization, guidance on the enhancement of existing signature programs, youth initiatives, and events, ensuring all programming continues to meet the needs of youth in the community
2. Actively seek youth voice and input to identify opportunity gaps to encourage the development of initiatives, resources, programs, and services that will enhance the quality of life and well-being of the youth in our community
3. Provide youth an opportunity for personal and professional growth through leadership and development opportunities
4. Allow youth to network, engage, and create positive impacts in their communities
5. Create a space where youth feel safe, excited, and motivated to provide ongoing and meaningful feedback to enhance the quality of life of youth in Ottawa
6. To facilitate the input and involvement of youth
7. Plan, support, and lead events and initiatives that align with the OSEG Foundation mandate

Council Composition
1. Members must be between 14 – 18
2. Must live, study, or engage in sports in the National Capital Region
3. Have good knowledge and understanding of the local issues and challenges that are relevant to youth in Ottawa
4. Members will be required to draw on their own lived experience and seek to represent the diversity of youth in the Ottawa area
5. While all youth are invited to participate in the Council, emphasis will be placed on the recruitment of individuals that represent the communities we serve to create a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive environment

• 8 – 12 youth members
• One OSEG Foundation staff member (Senior Manager, Community Impact and Engagement)
• Representation from:
o Youth ages 14 – 18
o National Capital Region residents

Selection of Members
• Application/nomination process will be advertised on the OSEG Foundation website and social media platforms
• Council will seek applications/nominations from individuals, local youth service providers, community houses, schools, and other youth organizations
• Youth can submit applications for themselves to be a part of the Council, or the public can nominate a youth with their consent that would qualify for the program
• All applications/nominations will be reviewed, and youth will participate in an interview before joining the Council
• Appointment to the Council will be for a period of up to two (2) years. If openings arise within the Council throughout the year term, recruitment can take place following the standard application/nomination process

Roles and Responsibilities
Responsibilities of Council
• Establish a Council vision and priorities, and create an annual plan with action steps and achievable outcomes
• Inform OSEG Foundation and Council Members of new ideas and initiatives, or concerns about programming
• Act as advocates for youth in Ottawa
• Identify and explore input from youth and community members on important matters affecting them and their families

Roles of Council Members
• Regularly attend quarterly Council meetings and actively contribute to discussions and initiatives
• Provide advice and recommendations regarding issues, programs, and services available to youth in Ottawa
• Propose ideas to further the Council’s mandate and purpose
• Always act with integrity and respect

Roles of OSEG Staff
• Create a safe space to allow for meaningful discussions and contributions
• Provide meeting facilities and resources
• Develop networks within community, provide resources to youth, and share Council ideas with community partners and staff
• Take and circulate meeting minutes, ensuring each meeting has goals and is productive
• Develop creative ways for youth to present their thoughts, ideas, and opinions
• Provide personal and professional developmental support for youth

The term will commence for two (2) years beginning in February 2024. Once appointed, members may apply for reappointment if they continue to be eligible.

1. Meetings
   a. Meetings of the YAC will be held once every quarter (every 3 months) at pre-determined times throughout the 2-year term. Meetings will be open to all Council members.
   b. Meetings will take place at TD Place at Lansdowne unless otherwise arranged. Council members can be provided bus tickets to attend each quarterly meeting, if required.