Online Intro To The World’s Most Universal Sport “Soccer Speaks” is a 6-week virtual-lead program leveraging the universal language of sport to promote physical activity while creating an inclusive community that connects vulnerable youth struggling with social integration, isolation and anxiety.

The program, hosted by professional soccer players Skylar Thomas, Dwayne De Rosario, Carmelina Moscato & Jonelle Hopkins (and in partnership with KickDeck & The Oshawa Kicks is intended to support the needs of marginalized youth and children that have been disproportionately affected by COVID-19 and are struggling to maintain their physical health and mental well-being. These lessons will be delivered on a weekly basis in an online format and will be drawn from the KickDeck Training program.


RINKS (Recreational Investments in Neighbourhoods for Kids) are outdoor recreational facilities that provide year-round activities and programs within Ottawa, Gatineau and other communities across the region.

In 2012, the Ottawa Senators Foundation, now named the Ottawa Gatineau Youth Foundation (OGYF), launched a RINK (Recreational Investments in Neighbourhoods for Kids) Program. Lack of physical activity among young people in Canada was, and still is, in crisis. Youth today are not getting the required 60 minutes of physical activity required to live their best lives. A young person’s overall physical activity level is linked to physical and mental health, maintenance of a healthy body weight, academic performance, motor skill development, and physical literacy.

As a Foundation we want to ensure that young people throughout the National Capital Region, especially within marganized neighbourhoods, have access to free, year-round activities. The OGYF is committed to giving young people and their families access to free year-round activities like shiny-hockey, skating, ball hockey, basketball, lacrosse, pickleball, yoga, futsal, court games and a variety of recreational/leisure programs via its OGYF Sports & Leisure League – an initiative to be introduced in 2021 at Ottawa and Gatineau RINK sites.


2 young girls posing for a photo
young hockey players posing with 67's players in a group team shot on the ice
Young boy wearing a Ottawa 67's Blind Hockey Jersey

Rink of Dreams Locations

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Ottawa City Hall Rink of Dreams
Jules Morin Park 24h Tremblant Rink of Dreams
Bayshore Park Accora Village Rink of Dreams
Smiths Falls Gerry Lowe Rink of Dreams
Parc Gilbert Garneau Patinoire des rêves Brigil présenté par 24h Tremblant
Parc Fontaine Patinoire des rêves Evolugen présenté par 24h Tremblant
Overbrook Park Trinity Developments Rink of Dreams
Alexander Park Canadian Bank Note Rink of Dreams
Parc Central Patinoire des rêves Le Plateau de la Capitale présenté par 24h Tremblant
Masson-Angers Patinoire des rêves Traversiers Bourbonnais présenté par 24h Tremblant
Canterbury Park Jim Tubman Chevrolet Rink of Dreams
Lac Cayamant Patinoire des rêves
Heatherington Park 24h Tremblant Rink of Dreams
Parc Saint-Gérard Patinoire des rêves LNH-AJLNH présenté par 24h Tremblant